About the Editable Landlord Forms

“Recently, I bought a 3-bedroom condo and plan to rent out a room as supplementary income so this information is a godsend.” “I’m going to share the information with my sister. She just had a nightmare tenant. He and his family made a mess and damaged the property and it cost more than the damage deposit to fix. So, this information will certainly help her find a good tenant next time around.”

Vinna Vuong

Calgary, Alberta

“In the past I was practicing my real estate business in a chaotic way, no credit check, no references, or employment checks. I didn’t know how to handle the move- in or move – out, etc. I was just pushing my luck with tenants. When I started to learn how to run the business professionally, I found it very hard to follow through all the processes fearing that I might be missing something, but then when I got Nelda’s forms I realized how much time and effort I am saving. The forms are precise and easy to follow and they give you assurance that you are doing all the right steps. “Sometimes missing one thing can cause a problem that could cost you a hundred times the cost of the forms. The forms are priceless.”

George Azar

Calgary, Alberta

“This is a great collection of forms for a new landlord, including lots of details I hadn’t even considered before. Really gives me peace of mind that I’m not missing anything important.”

“Nelda’s 10 Essential Forms offer everything in a package that a property owner needs to review and do before renting out their house to potential tenants. All the documents are very useful and are editable saving you time and effort when filling them out. Whether it’s your first time doing a rental or you are a seasoned real estate owner, the forms will guide you through and help you collect all the necessary information required to rent without missing out on important details.”

Jahnvee Goswami

Airdrie Alberta

“I am very impressed by the rental forms that Nelda created. The application form alone is 6 pages, very detailed. The Move-in/Move-out inspection report is 7 pages…wow…so detailed…very impressive. And the Cannabis Addendum is so clear and precise. And these forms are all in PDF with fillable spaces (so easy and convenient to use!). THANK YOU NELDA! You’ve just made landlording a breeze.”

Alvin Choong

Calgary, Alberta

“The 10 Essential Editable Landlord forms are well organized and easy to follow. They help me with onboarding & off boarding my tenants. I especially love how prices are included in the move-out fee form which gives me some guidance with the pricing”.

Janette Castillo

Calgary, Alberta

About Coaching

I’ve been a landlord for 10 years but had gaps in my education. After seeing Nelda participating on a talk show, the opportunity presented itself and I was able to score a 1 on 1 coaching with her.

Nelda took the time to learn about me and my needs, discussed what my priorities were and tailored all the sessions based on my specific situation. This allowed me to fill the gaps I had and solidify my knowledge without wasting any time. In addition, Nelda used her knowledge of many years of personal experience dealing with tenants to provide me with realistic examples that would apply to my questions. She also provided me with a lot of forms and documents to support my screening process.

It was a successful and invaluable experience and thanks to Nelda, I am able to confidently navigate through the process.

If you’re a Landlord or just want to learn if this is for you, I would definitely recommend you to get some coaching sessions with Nelda and she can address your own personal needs. She is fun, personable, knowledgeable and passionate. See you in the big leagues!!

Luis Salgado

Calgary, Alberta

As a new landlord, I had numerous questions about tenant attraction, screening & vetting, legislation, resources available to landlords, and how to handle difficult scenarios. A family member had attended some of Nelda’s sessions and highly recommended connecting with her since she has years of experience and success in property investment and property management.

Nelda structured our coaching calls to ensure that all my questions could be answered. Each session was well-planned, interactive, and engaging and had a focused approach on what mattered most to me. The real-life examples put a lot of the legislation into perspective. As well, I was provided with resources and contacts that will ensure all bases are covered or future landlord/tenant interactions.

Even if you’ve had great tenants and no issues, the coaching will help prepare you for difficult situations and teach you best practices. I feel that I am now prepared to handle situations that I had not even considered before.

Terri-Lynn Giszas

About Canadian Landlords Handbook

This is an excellent book for a newbie or experienced real estate investor! I will refer this book to anyone that wants to manage their own investment properties!


I read this book before purchasing my first investment property. It was informative and very easy to read and prepared me for things I hadn’t considered, specifically on finding and
screening good tenants. It was good to find something that is specific to Canada too. Would highly recommend.

Annan McLachlan

If you are a landlord or planning to invest in a real estate market, I highly recommend this book. It is easy to read with invaluable information that helps you to make informed decision and guide you to avoid pitfalls.


I plan on expanding my REI business and this book is a NEED for knowing how to approach being a landlord properly. Whether you’are just starting out or you’re already an established landlord this book has SO much insight that everyone can learn from it! Nelda did an amazing job at explaining everything in a way that’s easily understood. 100/10 recommend this book.


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