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black spray painted question mark on beige wall -Test your landlord knowledge – Landlord FAQs

Test your landlord knowledge – Landlord FAQs

Test your landlord knowledge to see how many answers you know.

Question 1: You rent your property to three tenants who are friends. All three tenants sign the residential tenancy agreement.  Each of the three tenants pays you separately for their third of the security deposit. Two of the tenants have a fight, and one of the tenants decides to leave before the end of the tenancy.  He moves out and asks you to repay his share of the security deposit immediately.

Are you required to repay him immediately?

Question 2: At the end of the tenancy, none of the tenants attended the scheduled and confirmed move-out inspection. Can you complete the move-out inspection without the tenant’s present?

Question 3: One of the roommates in a fixed-term tenancy leaves, and the two existing roommates have not found anyone yet to take his place. Is he still responsible for the rent?

Question 4: You have included your cleaning expectations in your tenants’ residential rental agreement, including taking out the garbage, mowing the lawn, and shoveling the snow. Can you demand your tenants maintain these responsibilities?

Question 5: Your tenants call you because they want you to change the batteries in their smoke detectors. Who is responsibile for maintaining the smoke detectors?

Question 6: You have decided to raise the rent for your fixed-term tenants. You provide them with a reminder of the tenancy expiration date and time and include that you would be happy to renew their residential tenancy agreement for a rate of $50 more per month.

Did you provide your tenants with adequate notice for a rental increase?

Question 7: Your tenant tells you she has a friend who has been staying at her apartment for the last two weeks. The friend has now decided to stay until she has found a job and can afford her own place.

Can your tenant move in a roommate without your knowledge or consent?

Question 8: Your tenant completes a move-out inspection . During the inspection, you both agree that even though she had the living room carpet professionally cleaned, it is stained, worn, and smells due to her puppy.

Can you take the carpet replacement costs out of her security deposit?

Question 9: Your tenant notifies you she will be leaving at the end of the month, and you both agree to show the property to prospective tenants during her final month.  You receive a call from a potential tenant who wants to move in right away and asks to see the house tonight.  You call your tenant and leave a message that you are coming tonight for a showing.  Your tenant calls back, upset that you have not given her enough notice.

How much notice of entry are you required to give to tenants to enter the premises?

Question 10: You have approved a new tenant for your condominium. Your tenant provided proof they have a condition that requires a medical cannabis prescription.

You don’t want the tenant to smoke cannabis within your unit or in any condominium public entries.  What can you do?

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