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tradesman doing a door repair -Spring Maintenance Checklist for your Rental Properties

Spring Maintenance Checklist for your Rental Properties

When the bleak winter months are finally coming to an end and the weather finally starts to warm up,  it’s time to pull out your spring maintenance checklist for your rental property.

No one is happier to see spring than Canadians, and since it may have been a few months since your last property maintenance inspection, why not combine your property inspection with your spring property maintenance checklist?

Nothing lasts forever and knowing the condition and costs of your home maintenance components will help you budget for operational and capital costs. Here is a spring maintenance checklist to get you started.

Springtime property maintenance tasks

The Exterior

  • Check the exterior brickwork and stucco  for chipping or deteriorated mortar  
  • Replace or repair rotted siding and trim and touch up the paint
  • Inspect your roof for damaged or loose shingles, which can lead to deterioration or exposure of your plumbing, electrical, or HVAC systems
  • Clean gutters and downspouts. Multiple freezes and thaws can result in sags and dips
  • Have your chimney checked for cracks or leaks
  • Inspect the attic for leaks, proper ventilation, or obstructions.
  • Clear the foundation vents for leaves, twigs, or other items that collect during winter
  • Check for mould or mildew in the attic or basement.
  • Clean up the landscaping; aerate the lawn, seed, fertilize, trim trees and shrubs, watch for soil erosion.
  • Seal the driveway, power wash house exterior, patio/deck
  • Ensure caulking and weather stripping are intact on windows and doors
  • Replace/repair screens
  • Remember to check the sump pump is functional to prevent water damage/flooding
  • Check that bugs and critters haven’t chewed through the drywall or siding or entered through dryer vents – squirrels, mice, and woodpeckers are commonly unwanted house guests
  • Clean the windows

Interior Home Systems

  • Inspect your heat/air unit
  • Make sure all smoke detectors are in good working order
  • Check furnace and air conditioning filters

Document & Track

It’s good business practice to record your spring maintenance and track the expenses. Even if you are starting with your first property, it makes good sense to get into good business habits. Many software programs can track expenses, Tenantcube is a Canadian property management software tool that allows property owners of small portfolios to complete all property management easily. It lists properties, tracks, and screens applicants, collects online rent payments, and logs maintenance, work orders, and stores documents, and expenses. With Tenantcube, income tax is a breeze. Goodbye shoe boxes, hello clean, efficient, organized software.

While you’re on-site, remind your tenants you appreciate being notified of maintenance issues before they become big issues. Prevention always costs less than neglect.

If you start to feel overwhelmed, many quality contractors can take care of most of your spring maintenance checklist for reasonable prices.

Rental maintenance tasks may feel like an inconvenience but scheduling them each season protects your investment and builds positive relationships with your tenants. Preventing structural damage, saving energy, maintaining safety, and keeping the property’s systems running smoothly not only protects your investment but proves to your insurance provider you are keeping your property in good repair.

Ensuring your property looks appealing and works efficiently, attracts quality tenants, and guarantees that your renters know you take pride in your rental property.

What do you do for spring maintenance for your rental properties? I’d love to hear about it [email protected]

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