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6 Reasons Why Real Estate Professionals Need Video Marketing

Why do real estate professionals need video marketing? With more than 130,000 real estate brokers (CREA), agents and salespeople, working through 90 real estate Boards and Associations across Canada – how can you stand out?  In two words – video marketing.

Choosing a realtor is like swiping through Tinder in search of the right match. Although you might like their picture, texts or emoji’s,  you still need to meet in-person on a date to decide whether you will know, like, and trust them.

Video marketing gets you to that first date in the first two minutes.

Here are 6 ways your videos can fast track you past the dating phase and put you into a relationship phase.

Build rapport with your prospects in 2 minutes or less

1.Buying a home is an emotional journey. It’s also a personal experience.Video marketing gives prospects the opportunity to meet you and connect with you. During a video you are developing a virtual rapport with your prospect. If they like you, they’ll want to do business with you. Simply put, your video lets “People buy on emotion and justify with logic”. 

In this 1:55 video, Chip James brilliantly shows his family values and the type of community/charitable impact he wants to make through his business. His video is centered around his theme “Real Estate. “Real Impact”

Establish your credibility as a community expert

2. Video marketing conveys a more immersive and informational experience than pictures. Pictures only provide a 2D view of a property. Viewers watching a video can get a feel for the layout of the property from the balcony, living room, or bedroom while seeing a view of the neighborhood environment.

Is the property within walking distance of musical venues, and the city’s best restaurants? Do you have interviews of some of the local business owners? Is the area vibrant and bustling? Are there scenic walking trails steps from the door? Great playgrounds? Does the sunset from the lake take your breath away? People choose the neighborhood and lifestyle first, then the property. Your video can share the experience of the community’s lifestyle while highlighting the features and benefits from your perspective as the local area expert .

While you’re in the neighborhood, you can relay information on the cost of living, demographics, mortgage rates, and supply and demand, establishing your credibility of the market conditions.

In 1:58, Amy Youngren’s video captures the essence of the home’s best-selling points with her professional yet accessible style.3. Videos provide a wealth of information within a short time span to a large audience. Within a few minutes you can showcase your background and expertise with one video or create a series of niche videos highlighting your products or team.

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Videos can be shared on multiple social media platforms 24/7

3. Videos can be shared and played on platforms that reach millions of viewers 24/7, making them a very cost-effective marketing tool.

Jennifer Skoff’s video captures her focus of educating clients and helping them through each step of the home buying process so she can become their lifetime realtor. She also uses her video as a recruiting tool for new agents. All that in 1:15.

Videos can act as a lead magnet

4. Videos can be used as a lead magnet. We all know the internet is “the go to” place for information. Giving away useful educational tips and tricks, reports, or whitepapers on home care in exchange for contact information is a proven method of attracting prospects while establishing yourself as an expert. It’s also good karma.

Better yet, hold live “Ask Me Anythings” (AMAs) videos on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or Twitter. During AMAs viewers can ask you questions about the property and you can wow them with your knowledge and helpfulness.

Videos boost your google artings and drive traffice to your website

5.Videos boost your Google website ratings. Popular videos increase your web traffic, which increases your page ranking in Google. Since “four out of five people who use a traditional agent, hire one of the first two agents they met…” Chances are you are more likely to hire the real estate agent who shows up on top of page one of the google rankings rather than the agent on the bottom of page 10. Don’t you hate it when the client disappears after you’ve sent them the contract? You can increase your odds of a quick response by sending an accompanying video that walks them through the contract and explains the clauses.

To attract new clients or agents – “a day in the life” stories that capture your company culture and make you and your business more relatable are interesting views that boost your google ratings.

Let someone else do the bragging for your

6. Back to dating. If your date tells you “I’m charming, attractive and fun.” How likely are you to believe them? How about if your best friend says, “I’d like you to meet someone who is charming, attractive and fun”. Who would you believe? When it comes to flattery, it’s better to let someone else do the talking for you. Happy clients can strengthen your reputation by expressing the trust they have in you and your business. Short interviews conducted during high points of the buying journey do a great job of doing the selling for you.

Blair Haddow lets his client testimonial clips show him as personable, focused and well-respected.

Videos are a key tool for generating leads, building rapport, establishing credibility, sharing information, listings, and boosting website rankings. It’s never too late or too soon to start using videos to convey your expertise, credibility, and knowledge. Get the edge on the competition and start filming today.

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