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woman in brown coveralls clutching gift to her chest -Should You or Shouldn’t You Give Your Tenants a Christmas Gift?

Should You Give Your Tenants a Christmas Gift?

Should you or shouldn’t you give your tenants a Christmas gift? As Christmas approaches, thoughts may turn to whether you should include your tenants on Santa’s list. Canada is a country of multi ethnicities, many who do not celebrate Christmas and find the Western Santa tradition strange indeed.

But…religious holidays aside, who doesn’t like a nice card with a thoughtful message, a small gift, or a show of appreciation? Everyone! While you may be wondering, aren’t I already doing enough?! Is the expectation that I should go above and beyond? Consider this, a gift promotes goodwill, enhances your relationship and positive communication with your tenants, rewards good behaviour, and is tax-deductible.

Will every tenant appreciate a gift? Some will, some won’t, but you are creating good karma either way.

What are appropriate gift ideas for tenants?

If you’ve decided that you should give your tenants a Christmas gift and are now wondering what to give them…

Gift cards

Gift cards are the most straightforward choice. A gift card from a grocery store or group of restaurants is useful and practical. Even if your tenants don’t like or want it, they can easily pass it on to someone else who will.

Gift baskets

Gift baskets from local stores look beautiful and frequently contain various items so that your tenants are bound to like something they received. It’s also a great way to introduce people to local businesses.

Gift packages

Gift packages with home supplies such as cleaning supplies, dish towels etc. are sensible gifts that can save your tenants money and can be used around the house.

Christmas themed personalized decor

If your tenants love Christmas, a Christmas-focused decoration such as a tree ornament or a Christmas pillow with their family name on it is a more personalized approach for those tenants you know well.

While you’re in a festive mood, feel free to let your tenants know they can decorate their homes to create a lively atmosphere for their special holidays. Be sure to let them know what can and can’t be done and offer holiday tips. Many condominiums forbid outdoor lights, door decorations, real trees into the building, or storing trees on balconies.

Rental bonus/upgrade

If Christmas gifts aren’t your thing, what’s to stop you from offering a small rental bonus of $50/off in December or a rental upgrade such as a new microwave, lighting fixture, or window blinds? Upgrades give your property a more polished appearance and make your tenants happy with the savings or the latest addition to the entrance, bedroom, or kitchen. 

Small acts done with great love

Giving your tenant/s a small Christmas gift, bonus, or incentive, is a simple act of kindness that can go a long way towards creating a positive connection.

I want to end with a favourite quote from Mother Theresa. “We cannot all do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” 

Do you give your tenants Christmas holiday gifts? I’d love to hear about them [email protected].

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