Refund Policy

Please know that we stand 100% behind our Guarantee.

Please note the terms of the guarantee as listed on the page from which you purchased, reproduced here:

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Clarification of a 30 Day Refund

The refund guarantee is based upon receipt of refund request within 30 days of purchase. The refund policy is 30 days, however, the day you purchase any products is day one of the 30 days.

30 days refund guarantee mean that a refund will be provided if it has been requested up to the 30th day and not including the 30th day. So, if you purchase on the 1st of March and you request a refund on the 31st of March, that would take it to 31 days, so you would not be entitled to a refund. You would have to request your refund therefore by or on the 30th March at the latest.

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