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Real Estate Investing Resources 2023

These are some of the real estate investing resources that have helped me. In this section, you will find people, products, and services that will also support you in your business.

As you may have guessed, these real estate investing resource lists will grow over time. There are also current landlording posts you can access anytime. Please feel free to offer your own suggestions for real estate investing resources you’d like to share. Whether its books, YouTube videos, or masterclasses you find useful, please share.

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Real Estate Investing Resources

Great “how to” pay off your mortgage quickly with money-saving tips and advice from Sean who paid his mortgage off in his 20’s living a most spartan lifestyle.

Stefan is a Canadian real estate investor who uses clear explanations to describe how to make win-win joint venture deals that last a lifetime.

Mike provides really sound advice on systemizing processes for repeated success in landlording. Since he lives in the USA, the legislation is American, however, his common-sense approach to putting processes and forms in place is brilliant.

Don Campbell is the founder of The Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) and has a wealth of experience in most things to do with residential and commercial real estate including financing, partnerships, joint ventures, and 94 other things… it’s a good book to have on hand as a reference.

Master Your Mortgage for Financial Freedom, explains “The Smith Manoeuvre”, a legal accounting technique where homeowners reinvest the equity of their principal residence in another investment (usually real estate) so that the interest from the mortgage is tax-deductible.

How to Jumpstart Your Real Estate Investing – A Beginner’s Guide Before You start Investing In Real Estate– Bill Biko has owned a huge range of properties from single family dwellings to rooming houses and offers good common sense advice for getting started as a real estate investor.


An Eviction Guide for Landlords – Bill Biko simplifies the process with his step by step guide.

Speaker Resources

Speakers! book jacket

As an entrepreneur you’re giving presentations all the time, why not invest in your best marketing tool – You!

Anything Connie Ragen Green writes is good common sense, easy to follow, and packed full of wisdom.

Toastmasters International is a nonprofit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs. I love my Toastmaster’s club and have been a loyal member over four years. In addition to learning something new about public speaking every week, toastmasters are a positive, international, intelligent, diverse group of people who are committed to bettering themselves and cheerleading for fellow group members. It’s my infusion of positivity once a week.

Landlord/Tenant Organizations

If you are a new or experienced landlord, Calgary Residential Rental Association (CRRA) is your go-to place! The membership is very reasonable and gives you access to tons of landlording

Calgary Residential Rental Association logo

resources including leases, move-in/move-out documents, notices, etc. They also offer reasonably priced courses. I love them because no matter what landlording issue I have, I call them and get a wealth of information and sound advice. They’re also sympathetic. What’s not to like?!

A similar organization that that serves Edmonton and surrounding areas,

Alberta Residential Landlord Association -logo

ARLA, is dedicated to educating, advocating, and uniting professional members and preferred service members. They provide webinars, forums, and education for members.

Looking for Real Estate Appreciation Data & Trends? Here’s one of the best places to get historical appreciation rates for the year, as well as trends and predictions of the next year’s appreciation for residential real estate. This is a free resource available to all of us:


Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation Logo

CMHC’s Housing Now Reports. The Housing Now Reports offer stats on Canada, by Province, and by major city.

What Information Can You Find at Statistics Canada? you can find everything from Consumer Price Index reports (inflation reports) to Canadian Income Trends at The Daily by Statistics Canada. You can even sign up for daily emails on specific interest topics.

The Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals does a solid job of compiling mortgage reports, stats, and publications. Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP)

Residential Tenancies Acts
Condominium Acts
Freedom of Information and Privacy & Human Rights
Public Health and Safety, Housing and Building Standards
RTDRS Eviction Process
Day-to-day Landlord Operations

Unfortunately, pests and rodents are a part of landlording. Here are resources that provide information on how to deal with them.

Issues with Real Estate Professionals

RECA is the independent governing authority that enforces professional standards for real estate professionals in Alberta. If you have issues with your real estate professional, you can file a complaint with The Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA).

BILD Alberta The Building Industry Land Development Association Alberta (BILD Alberta) advocates on behalf of members on provincial matters that impact Residential Construction and Land Development.

RTA- Residential Tenancies Act – is the bible for landlords and tenants in Alberta, it is the legislation for landlords and tenants in Alberta and a MUST have. It’s free online.

Government of Alberta Landlords and tenants resources – legislation and phone numbers to call and ask questions about the RTA

The Real Estate Act – what is legally acceptable for real estate professionals

If you have a rental property in your neighborhood that is being used for illegal activity such as drug trafficking or prostitution, SCAN -Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods (SCAN) can help. They are a unit of the Alberta Sheriffs that helps keep communities safe by dealing with problem properties.

Dealing with Common Issues
There are popular issues all landlords deal with from time to time, such as abandoned goods, frozen pipes, floods, fires, non-payment of rent, domestic violence, insurance, etc. There are many supports to guide you through the processes.
Domestic Violence
Personal Information and Privacy
Human Rights
Landlords are only sometimes aware that housing falls under the Human Rights Act in Canada. Here are supports to explain how it applies.
Finding the owner of a property
Each municipality has their own system, this the Calgary system. Some smaller centers allow the public to call their planning departments for the lot/plant/block/link number. Larger centers usually have an online process with fees attached. The Calgary process is as follows:

Rental Housing – a database that compiles rental housing statistics for cities, regions, and provinces across Canada

DISCLOSURE – Many of these recommendations will contain affiliate links for recommended products or services. These are personally used and reviewed by Nelda and she’ll receive commission for any resulting sales. Rest assured that each is reviewed regularly and is backed by her “Green Seal of Approval.”
Would you like to receive The More You Learn the More You Earn inside peek at resources?

DISCLOSURE – Many of these recommendations will contain affiliate links for recommended products or services. These are personally used and reviewed by Nelda and she’ll receive commission for any resulting sales. Rest assured that each is reviewed regularly and is backed by her “Green Seal of Approval.”

Would you like to receive The More You Learn the More You Earn inside peek at resources?

Decluttering! The dreaded word you’re bound to hear from your realtor before selling your home. Why declutter? If potential buyers can’t imagine their things and their people in your home, they won’t even consider buying it.

If you’ve never done it before, decluttering your personal space and belongings can be a daunting task. Here are some easy tips to help you with how to start decluttering, and what and where to declutter.

Divide and Conquer- With Decluttering

Think of decluttering like assembling your grocery list. Make a list. Start by naming all the rooms in your house and write down what needs to be done in each space. Make sure to include the front and back yard, balcony/deck, the garage and sheds. Then decide which room to tackle first, second and third until you’ve covered your entire house and yard.

The next step is to visit your local hardware store and pick up some storage bins. Pack away anything you can remove from the property and label it. When packing up essential items you need to access, consider the season first. Then store your shoes, boots, clothes, bedding, dishes in closets or on shelving. If you think you can reuse the bins in your new place, or want to display them, colourful fabric storage containers or even woven baskets are great for organizing. They also add interest, colour and texture to a room.

Decluttering Your Knick Knacks

cluttered desk with computer, photos on bulletin board and knick knacks - decluttering your space
Declutter your space to sell your home

Your personal items like your family photos, wedding pictures, kids’ drawings and toys are next to go. They take up a lot of space and detract the buyers from envisioning themselves in your property.

Your Home’s 1st Impression

hand shake between 2 people - decluttering your home
The front of your house is the “handshake”

Realtors refer to the front entrance as the “handshake” of the showing. Has your front lawn had a good clean up and de-weeding? If not, now’s the time to tidy up. If that’s one task you’d like to hand off, there are many landscaping companies who do cleanups for prices that won’t break the bank. Clean, paint and organize your front entrance to give your visitors a welcome first impression of a tidy, well-loved home.

Women love closets and kitchens; men love garages and sheds. Organize the closets with bins and shelving. Clear off your kitchen countertops and clean out your fridge and pantry. For the garage, industrial shelving can go a long way to making it look like a handyman’s 2nd home.

Everyone uses the bathrooms so make sure yours are beautified. Get rid of the straggly toothbrushes and scattered makeup and straighten up your medicine cabinets and linen closets.

Nothing Says Decluttering Like A Garage Sale

garage sale with 2 young girls infront holding items - declutterin your space
sell or donate anything items you dont’ need

Whatever you absolutely don’t need or doesn’t have deep sentimental value can be sold at a garage sale or donated. Be ruthless. When you’re in your new space, you won’ t miss the clutter, but you will appreciate the additional space.

You can only make a good first impression once. Decluttering your home will go a long way towards creating a clean, tidy home that makes an amazing first impression.

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