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About Nelda Schulte

Welcome – if you’re interested in affordable real estate investing basics, I’m here to help. 

I’m a property investment owner, author, speaker, and educational developer living in Calgary, Alberta. I’m currently earning my living writing and with my real estate investments.

My background is in corporate training. For 15 years I worked in corporate education for Universities and non-profits. While working full time, my husband and I bought four properties in Alberta and BC. Along with work and investing, we decided to start our own property management business. During the last 5 years, my husband and I worked in the property management business and at our other jobs simultaneously.

Obviously learning is a critical part of real estate, and we joined numerous real estate investing memberships. As a result, we spent thousands of dollars on courses, seminars and workshops. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. I believe you can start your learning process affordably and simply. Firstly with free resources.  Secondly, by layering information in short digestible portions-  depending on what you need/want. Lastly – there’s NEVER  a lastly, you’re always learning! That’s where comes in. 

Affordable Real Estate Investing Basics for People Globally

In order to offer affordable support world-wide to real estate investors, during COVID-19’s self-isolation, I decided to re-route the business online. In the next few months I will publish my next book on real estate investing basics for first time investors. Stay tuned!

In addition to free articles on investing, financing, landlording, presentations for real estate professionals, and real estate decor, I will  offer short courses.  Also, Affiliate products I have tried and liked, that support your business will be included.

Along with writing,  I love travelling, and online work allows me to do business  anywhere in the world there is an  internet connection. In fact, I’ve have travelled to 25 countries, mostly on my own, and hope to double that number – COVID permitting!

Causes that are near and dear to my heart – Children Believe (I’ve supported 5 children over 20 years) & Amnesty Interntionale.

I workout 5 days a week – it’s part of waking up, and eat a mostly plant based diet. Both are good for my health, and the latter is also good for the planet.

As an entreneur, the best way to get your message out is to get on the stage. Public speaking is fun for me, and I have spoken at  real estate seminars, workshops and training sessions. Presenting has been a recurruing theme in my professional life, and I taught public speaking classes for five years. In Fort McMurray, I chaired/emceed the Enbridge Famous 5 Leadership Speaker Series for Women four years standing. Along with professional speaking, to keep my speaking skills sharp, I have been an active member of Toastmasters for six years.

Real Estate Investing Basics are Always Changing  

Real estate remains endlessly interesting and challenging. It’s always changing and to stay successful, it’s critical to keep learning.  Knowledge in the real estate industry, and really any industry, can make the difference between struggle and success.

Your success is my reward. If you feel that I could serve you by building your real estate knowledge, join my community and connect with me at  I am here to support you.

In gratitude

Nelda Schulte

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