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Do you have GAPs in your landlording knowledge that give you the nagging feeling you’re missing something important?

Do you have IMMEDIATE GOALS but have limited time to achieve them?

Do you want mentoring that fits into your schedule – rather than trying to fit your life into someone else’s schedule?

Do you want to laser focus on fast tracking to your goals while improving your knowledge and skills?

Do you want confidential, private feedback in a safe environment?

Nelda Schulte has a wealth of experience from over 15 years of experience as a property investor and property manager, and she draws from this wealth of knowledge to help you tackle your biggest obstacles. Nelda dives into the details of your business, asks questions to address the gaps you have, and maybe even exposes some of the hidden areas you didn’t realize existed.

Sometimes an outside perspective is best to guide you past your perceived limitations.


I’ve been a landlord for 10 years but had gaps in my education. After seeing Nelda participating on a talk show, the opportunity presented itself and I was able to score a 1 on 1 coaching with her.

Nelda took the time to learn about me and my needs, discussed what my priorities were and tailored all the sessions based on my specific situation. This allowed me to fill the gaps I had and solidify my knowledge without wasting any time. In addition, Nelda used her knowledge of many years of personal experience dealing with tenants to provide me with realistic examples that would apply to my questions. She also provided me with a lot of forms and documents to support my screening process.

It was a successful and invaluable experience and thanks to Nelda, I am able to confidently navigate through the process.

If you're a Landlord or just want to learn if this is for you, I would definitely recommend you to get some coaching sessions with Nelda and she can address your own personal needs. She is fun, personable, knowledgeable and passionate. See you in the big leagues!!

Luis Salgado

Calgary, Alberta

As a new landlord, I had numerous questions about tenant attraction, screening & vetting, legislation, resources available to landlords, and how to handle difficult scenarios. A family member had attended some of Nelda’s sessions and highly recommended connecting with her since she has years of experience and success in property investment and property management.

Nelda structured our coaching calls to ensure that all my questions could be answered. Each session was well-planned, interactive, and engaging and had a focused approach on what mattered most to me. The real-life examples put a lot of the legislation into perspective. As well, I was provided with resources and contacts that will ensure all bases are covered or future landlord/tenant interactions.

Even if you’ve had great tenants and no issues, the coaching will help prepare you for difficult situations and teach you best practices. I feel that I am now prepared to handle situations that I had not even considered before.

Terri-Lynn Giszas

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