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6 doors decorted for halloween - Halloween home Decor

Halloween Home Décor

Spooktakular ideas to kickstart your imagination

Halloween home decor is such a great way to set the mood for all the fun to come. Here are some Halloween home décor ideas to kickstart your imagination.

Since you don’t have to run out and buy a door, you can easily decorate the entire door or porch. Invent a pumpkin, monster, mummy, bat, witch or whatever your creativity conjures up. There are even door decorating kits you can buy where the do it yourself portion is minimal.

Halloween Home Decor Doors


Interior/Exterior Lights- Simple Halloween Home Decor

String lights are a fantastically easy way to add some Halloween bling and sparkle to your deck, living room, porch or table. There’s no shortage of string lights available that can be reused for future years or parties; pumpkins, spider lights, ghosts, hands, bats. Whatever your fancy, you can easily find it for under $20. String lights can even be used to create your own shapes – such as the Halloween Christmas tree displayed above.

Ghoulish Halloween Pictures

Want to have a little bit of fun freaking out your friends/family with your ghoulish family portraits? Substitute your family portraits with pictures taken in full Halloween costumes and makeup. Or switch out your family’s images with skeletons, and images from the Halloween grave. Also, displaying a photo collection of creepy crawlers is bound to get a few Halloween giggles.

Creepy Halloween Wreaths

Let your imagination run wild with a pumpkin, snake, mummy, ghost, crow, or bath wreath. With these wreathes your door is sure to raise a few eyebrows and maybe even the hair on the back or your neck!

Nothing Says Halloween Like Dead Plants

Nothing says Halloween like dead plants. Just take an inexpensive plastic plant and spray paint it black to create a graveyardish type of ambiance. Of if you don’t have much of a green thumb, take your dead plants and make them look really dead with a touch of black or Halloween inspired spray paint.

Miscellaneous Halloween Home Décor

Christmas is just around the corner, why not take your tree and turn it into a Halloween tree? You can create your own stings of bats, pumpkins, tombstones or whatever your Halloween heart desires. But don’t stop there, instead of presents under the tree, use white paper wedding bells and turn them into a cute chorus of ghosts.

Halloween is such a great time of year. How can you not love a day that gives adults and kids permission to wear a costume and have fun acting out a character? That’s why bringing your house or yard into the picture to inpsire your sense of fun and imagination is such a fun trick or treat. Here’s to Halloween!

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