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Welcome to Find the Best Tenants.

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Find the Best Tenants Masterclass

Are you sick of renting your property to BAD tenants?

Would you agree that it’s IMPOSSIBLE TO MAKE ANY PROFIT at all with bad tenants? Everyone makes mistakes BUT accepting the WRONG tenants can cost thousands of dollars and can have SERIOUS LEGAL CONSEQUENCES.

Find the Best Tenants is a 45-minute micro class where you will learn how to weed out the trouble- makers so that you are ONLY ACCEPTING TENANTS – who take good care of your property and pay their rent on time.

Every month.

Have your tenants:

  • Paid late or not at all?
  • Trashed your property?
  • Cost you thousands of dollars in damage?
  • Acted rudely and didn’t respect you or your property?
  • Left a big mess behind that cost you money and precious time?
  • Brought the value of your property down?
  • Created stress and turmoil in your life?

Are you getting fed up with horrible tenant problems and all the headaches and worry that comes with them?

If so…

  • Do you want tenants who take pride in maintaining their property?
  • Do you want tenants who are polite, respectful and a pleasure to deal with?
  • Do you want tenants who take their maintenance responsibilities seriously?
  • Do you want tenants who always pay you on time every month?
  • Do you want tenants who stay long-term who are an asset to your property, neighborhood, and community?

If you answered YES! Welcome to Find the Best Tenants!

Find the Best Tenants is a 5-Step proven tenant attraction and screening process that, in only 45 minutes – takes you through a guided method to:

  • Define the type of tenants you want to live in your property
  • Write ads that attract your ideal tenants
  • Choose an online platform that is known and used by quality tenants
  • Calculate the right rental price
  • Identify possible advertising outcomes
  • Interpret your advertising results and tweak them to get the results you want
  • Understand which pre-qualifying questions to ask before the showing to save your time and money
  • Specify the right questions to ask on the application form, including references, emergency contacts, and permission to run a credit check
  • Attain legal permission to run a credit check
  • Interpret a credit report
  • Request supporting documentation to verify identification and employment or financial credibility
  • Use techniques to effectively assess and interview references
  • Accept qualified applicants while clearly outlining the lease requirements
  • Decline unqualified applicants simply and easily

PLUS – there are additional tips to help you:

  • Bypass wasted time for no shows
  • Secure a deposit to hold the property so that tenants commit
  • Protect your property and your finances

For only $24.99 you can have lifetime access to Find the Best Tenants and have the skills and knowledge to attract, screen, and retain tenants who are an asset to your property and your wallet.

What does $24.99 buy you?

  • A burrito and a beverage
  • A romance novel
  • A couple movie tickets
  • Parking for a few hours
  • A partial tank of gas

For the same price as a burrito and pop, a novel, a couple movie tickets, parking for an hour or two, or gas to drive someplace close by, you could be investing in the single critical factor that determines whether your property will profit – finding the best tenants. Without tenants there is no profit. With bad tenants you’re bleeding money. Finding the best tenants keeps your property profitable and your life free of unwanted drama and expenses.

Are you ready to stop WASTING your TIME & MONEY on BAD tenants?

Are you ready to STOP STRUGGLING with the financial and emotional fallout from bad tenants?

Are you ready to FAST TRACK YOUR SUCCESS with a proven tenant attraction and screening process that brings you the BEST TENANTS, who keep your property secure, well-maintained, and profitable?

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Each province and city have their own legislation for the required landlord/tenant legal documents. These 10 Essential Editable landlord forms are tools to help you in your business but cannot possibly cover the legislative nuances that exist in every Canadian city and province. As a landlord, it is your responsibility to commit to due diligence to ensure your documentation is in compliance with the municipal, provincial, and federal landlord/tenant laws and regulations.

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