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Do You Want To Be A Landlord

Do You Want To Be A Landlord?

Condos, TOWNHOUSES, multi-family complexes, single family dwellings, vacation rentals, student rentals – the real estate investment choices are ENDLESS…


Before you spend a dime on a real estate investment – have you figured out what you want your real estate investment to do for you???

Have you ever dreamed of owning a residential real estate investment property/properties? 

Then before you jump into any real estate deals, take a few minutes to register for Do You Want To Be A Landlord? 

This is a 43-minute masterclass (and the first module of Landlord Fundamentals 101). That’s right, I’m giving you a sneak peak into the 8 – module Landlord Fundamentals 101 program!

Do you want to cut to the heart of WHY you want to be a real estate investor and understand WHAT you want your real estate investment to do for you?

Have you thought about:

What type of property or properties you want to own and why?The pros and cons of each type of property?How much or how little you want to manage your real estate investment/s?What type of tenants you want in your property/properties?Whether you want to hand over your real estate investments to a property manager?Your exit strategy?

Are you getting overwhelmed with the amount of choices available to you and worry you’ll make the wrong decision and be stuck with an investment property you don’t want that’s totally the wrong fit?

If So…

Do you want to know which type of property is the best fit for you, your lifestyle, and your financial goals?Do you want to start out on the right foot by deciding whether to build an investment portfolio that either supplements your income, replaces your income, or builds your empire?Do you want to know what type of tenants you’d most like to work with and rent to?Do you want to feel comfortable with your choice of either self-managing or hiring a property manager?

If you answered YES! Welcome to Do You Want To Be A Landlord?

In 43 minutes, you’ll be guided through a series of questions and real-life scenarios that help you define;

The types of tenants you want to live in your property/propertiesWhich rental property/properties are right for youYour best real estate investing outcomes from choosing your top real estate investmentWhich properties are a waste of your time and money so that you only focus on the investments that are the tailored to youWhich landlord profile or profiles most closely fit your present and future ambitions

For the same amount of time, it takes you to eat lunch, do one workout at the gym, or watch a podcast,  you could be investing your time charting your course so that you’ll arrive at your  desired destination. Without setting your destination you could be floundering for years. Do you Want to Be a Landlord? takes you through the process that lays the groundwork for you to make the right choices for your real estate investment foundation.

Are you ready to  grab the reins and take charge of your rental investment decisions and goals?

Are you ready to STOP FLOUNDERING over which property investment is the right fit?

Are you ready to stop WASTING YOUR TIME & EFFORT ON THE wrong investments?

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