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What Appliances Are Landlords Required to Provide?

What appliances are landlords required to provide for their rental units?
Landlords are expected by law to provide their tenants with certain housing and health standards to make a property habitable and to maintain those standards when renting out the property. This information isn’t outlined in the RTA but is specified in the Alberta Minimum Housing and Health Standards Act.

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How to determine Fair Market Rent

A key factor in keeping a property rented and profitable is learning how to determine fair market rent (FMR). Unfortunately, this is an area where many landlords falter. Generating cash flow means your rental income should be high enough to cover operating expenses and still make you a profit. But many new landlords don’t know how to price their properties, and either over or under-change. Both have their drawbacks

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When Tenants Don’t Move In

You’ve shown your property to dozens of potential tenants; one couple stood out as “the ones.” You’ve done your due diligence, completed the application and screening process, everything looks great, you accept them, and set a move-in date.

The day of the move-in comes, and they ghost you. What can you do?