5-Step Tenant Attraction, Application, and Screening Process
Are you pulling your hair out trying to figure out all the pieces of the puzzle to attract good QUALITY TENANTS for your rental property?

Are you WORRIED that putting One bad tenant in your hard-earned rental property can COST you thousands of dollars, endless headaches and STRESS and DESTROY your property investment while downgrading the neighborhood?


In an hour you can learn how to eliminate the guesswork and worry and put yourself on the right path to putting QUALITY TENANTS in your property who

  1. pay rent on time every month
  2. take good care of your investment so that it increases in value
By learning and following this 5-Step Tenant Attraction, Application, and Screening Process you can feel confident that you will weed out the BAD TENANTS and ONLY accept the GOOD QUALITY tenants that keep your property profitable and the eliminate worry and stress from bad tenants. Do you know how to:
  • Advertise for the types of quality tenants you want to live in your property?
  • Ask the right pre-screening questions so that you’re only booking showings for the tenants who qualify to live in your property?
  • Request the right information on the tenant rental application so that you have all the data you need to assess whether you have a good or bad tenant?
  • Process tenant reference checks so that you know whether their references are legitimate?
  • Run a credit check that provides information on past and current addresses, the employment history and credit history?
  • Assess whether your potential tenant can and will pay the rent every month?
If you are a Canadian residential property investor or residential landlord, this 5-Step Tenant Attraction, Application, and Screening Process is a MUST!

Why do I have the right to teach you this method?

This 5 -Step Tenant Attraction, Application, and Screening Process has been honed and perfected from my 15 years as a landlord/property investor and from four years as a former owner of a property management company. In over 15 years of using this method, I have placed hundreds of tenants in both my own properties , and in our former property management client’s rental properties. My 5 -Step process has placed excellent tenants who ALWAYS paid their rent on time every month and took good care of the properties.

This valuable 5-Step Tenant Attraction, Application, and Screening Process micro masterclass includes:

  1. How to write ads that appeal to your ideal tenant
  2. Which questions to ask prospective tenants so that you’re not wasting your valuable time driving down for a showing with unqualified tenants
  3. Which categories of questions to ask on a tenant application including personal information, landlord references, workplace references, emergency contacts, and permission to run a credit check
  4. How to run social media checks and how to verify landlord and work references
  5. How to run a tenant credit check and what information to look for in the report that you can cross reference with the tenant application

For only $49.95 you can experience the relief that comes from knowing you have the right system to weed out bad tenants and only accept good tenants. The duration of this micro masterclass is an hour and you have lifetime access since it is online. It is accessible on mobile or PC.

What can you get for $49.95?

  • Once take out meal
  • 10 Starbucks latte’s
  • A tank of gas (depending on the size of your car)
  • A manicure

For the same price as a takeout meal, 10 lattes, one gas up, or a manicure, wouldn’t it be worth your while to invest in a tried and true process that provides the lifeblood (good tenants) of your rental business?

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Each province and city have their own legislation for landlords and tenants. This 5-Step Tenant Attraction, Application, and Screening Process is designed to help you with your tenant attraction and screening process. As a landlord, it is your responsibility to commit to due diligence to ensure your documentation is in compliance with the municipal, provincial, and federal landlord/tenant laws and regulations.

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