Welcome! If you’re here to learn how to manage your property/tenants and to pick up some investor tips, you’re in the right place.

Why I do what I do using real estate as a tool is a bit of a story. I always wanted to own real estate rental investments, but I honestly didn’t know how. Working as a music teacher with a big graduate school debt to pay off and a low income, I couldn’t imagine how I could ever accomplish this impossible feat.

This could have changed everything…

When I was about 10 years old, one of our neighbors lost his job and had to sell his house quickly; he asked my Dad to buy his house, all my Dad needed to do was assume the mortgage.

Taking on debt (even good debt) terrified my mother, and my Dad hated the thought of managing tenants or dealing with my mother’s angst. My mother won. My parents said no.

After my mother passed away, my Dad sold the family home. They had paid $40,000 originally. Twenty years later, it sold for $150,000.

Selling that one house, which had increased in value of 275%, made all the difference in their financial comfort level.

I couldn’t help but wonder… What if Dad had kept the 2nd house, rented it out, and sold it in his retirement?  He would have been so much farther ahead financially.

I saw the light!

Back to me – before I had any money, I started attending investment seminars. That’s where I learned about house hacking;  buying a house with a rental basement suite to offset housing costs All of a sudden, I thought – hey! Here’s a way I can buy a house and have someone else help me pay my mortgage – I can make this work!

15 years later, I moved into corporate training, while working full-time,  my husband and I bought/own our rental properties. We also ran a property management company for five years, and I did contract work for the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA).

Education is the key

Looking back, I realize if I had educated myself on property investing I could have also bought more houses and been better off sooner But everyone starts somewhere. I was a late bloomer, and I’m grateful for it.

The experiences I’ve had during my real estate journey have been interesting, exciting, fun, agonizing , stressful profitable, and costly.

Buying real estate investments is one set of skills, but once you own your rental property, do you know what to do with it and the tenants to keep it cash flowing?

By utilizing my experience in property management, my goal is to help you become a wiser, smarter, lazier (yes lazier!) real estate investor by giving your education and resources to nurture and grow your investment.

My twice-a-week newsblast helps with that and you can also have access to free and paid courses, videos, forms, private coaching, and articles.

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